Stand Fast

stand fast

Or do you not know that the one who joins himself to a harlot is one body with her? For He says, “THE TWO WILL BECOME ONE FLESH.” – 1 Corinthians 6:16

Hold firm… Insist… Hunker down…

…words that jumped out at me this morning as I attempted to define stand fast.

And I wondered… When it comes to the Christ, do I…

  • hold firm?
  • insist?
  • hunker down?

Sometimes, yes. Always, no.

I hold firm each morning with my quiet time.

I set my alarm a little bit early, just so I can start my day with Him. And, I fiercely protect this time. I hide away in the office, with a warm cup of coffee, to read. And pray. And listen. I tolerate minor interruptions from the hunky husband or sweet babies, but do not leave until He and I are satisfied.

I’ve done so, without fail, for six straight months, and have reaped the benefits. My steps are just a little lighter, my outlook on life just a little sunnier. I have a confidence and trust in myself that I know can only come from Him. I know so because I’ve longed for it my entire life and have only now discovered it, through building this relationship with Him.

Still, there’s so much more I can do insist upon a life with Him.

I’ve discovered a few simple things that help me stand fast with Him.

Real food. I spent the last two months putting real foods in my body. I lost a few pounds in the process, and I felt more focused. I had more energy to live out His purpose for me.

Stories of Motherhood. I’m passionate about mommies. They are miraculous beings that must be celebrated. I’ve come to discover that when I elevate them, I also elevate myself. When I tell their stories, I live out His purpose for me.

Planning out my weeks. Six weeks ago, I turned my Mead composition notebook into a planner. I used it to plan out the week ahead and to reflect on the day. I found pleasure in decorating it, and I felt more purposeful as I planned healthy meals for my family and scheduled Stories of Motherhood. My simple planner guided me in staying true to His purpose for me.

I look forward to hunkering down with Him, once again.

How do you hunker down with Him?


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