They Fell Down

behold Him

And whenever the unclean spirits beheld Him, they would fall down before Him and cry out, saying, “You are the Son of God!” – Mark 3:11

Whenever they beheld Him…

I behold Him, and I’m eternally grateful.

I behold Him…

  • in the sun that warms me. It brings me a peace I cannot describe.
  • in the laughter of children. Their laughter lifts up my heart, and I can’t help but laugh, too.
  • in the gentle teasing of my babies. They are witty, and most of the time, I love it.

I behold Him in the million little things He provides me, each and every day.

I live a life of abundance and am blessed beyond measure, because I behold Him.

… they fell down.

I, too, fall down, whenever I behold Him, but not out of dread or fear.

I fall down…

  • in joy
  • in thanksgiving
  • in gratitude

Whenever I behold Him, I fall down.

Where do you behold Him?



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