Not To Save Destroys

not to save

And He said to them, “Is it lawful on the Sabbath to do good or to do harm, to save a life or to kill?” But they kept silent. – Mark 3: 4

Do I have means?

As I look at my journaling Bible (thank you so much Displaying Grace) this morning, the following words pop out at me…

  • a tumult of the soul
  • what doctrine is this?
  • the presence of Jesus
  • the sum of Godliness

… and I can’t even not be moved.

I can’t even not be amazed by how He works in me to fulfill His purpose.

I can’t even.

So I ask myself, “What means do I have?”


I have means of…

  • feeding the hungry
  • clothing the naked
  • instructing the ignorant
  • sharing the gospel

… but do IAnd, if not, why?

I don’t yet have the answer as to why, but yesterday, I reflected on what truly matters to me. I knew, without a doubt, my answer. People. People matter.

I don’t always measure up. I don’t always show people they matter. I make mistakes along the way. But, with God’s help, I get better. With Him, I get better at (1) recognizing the means I have, and (2) sharing them.

With Him, I also accept that I am capable of so much more. I can do so much more to show people they matter.

Before beginning this journey with Him, it would have bothered me that I was capable of so much more; that maybe I wasn’t living up to my potential. Thankfully, it no longer bothers me that I can do more. It no longer bothers me, because of Him.

Because of Him, I (1) express gratitude for the means I have now, (2) accept that more means will come, and (3) trust He will provide me the wisdom and courage necessary to share.

Because of Him, I can’t even not save.

Because of Him.

What means do you have?



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