Of God Are All Things

of god

I sit in silence every morning with hopes of drawing nearer to Him. I read from my church’s Scripture Readings for the Coming Week, and, as suggested by Barbara Robbins of WriteforChrist, I pray on and study one verse in depth. I look forward to sharing my journey with you and the God whispers I hear as I sit in silence with Him.

Be cheerfully obedient.

Cheerful obedience reminds me to work for Him, and for no other. On the days I remember, I work with earnestness and vigor, with constancy and close application. I work with sincerity of heart as I try to continue the good work He began in me.

Take the time to know Him.

I know Him when I am in constant communion with Him. I know Him, when instead of sharing with the world – through social media, through gossip, through… – I share with Him. I share the bad and the good. I see improvement in my communion with Him, but am  known to forget. Nevertheless, I push on, in knowing Him, carrying with me the peace and serenity it brings.

Ask for mercy.

I admit that I quickly and easily apologize to my husband, my children, my students, but very slowly acknowledge my sins to Him. On the rare occasions that I do, I experience a tremendous amount of shame and a tremendous lack in self-worth. Although I know that shame is not from Him, I accept that I still have a long way to go in asking Him for mercy. I’m okay with that, because of Him. I trust that He is working on me.

Remember that of God are all things.

All things – all things temporal and and all things spiritual – are of Him, and for Him. It is amazing and awesome, this place He creates.

Allow His joy to be made full in you.

His joy is made full in me. I feel it often – His joy – in my heart and in my soul. I feel it as I sit in silence. I also feel it, randomly, throughout the day. His joy is a calm, centered strength I only recently discovered when I began communion with Him. His joy, made full in me, reminds me that I am capable of great things. Because of Him.

Receive and give with equal temper of mind.

I am at a good place in life in terms of spiritual and material needs. I have a stable job that provides my family a stable income, and we live in a comfortable home. I drive a mostly reliable car and use mostly reliable appliances. I am blessed that when they fail me, I can (1) call on family, or (2) pay a repairman. It is because of His blessings that I am capable of doing good works with equal temper of mind.

I’d love for life to always be this way because it is currently flowing in overabundance. I know that hope is unrealistic, and I know that only He knows the future that awaits me. I pray that whatever the future holds, that wherever He takes me, I walk in communion with Him.



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