Walk With Him

walk with him

I sit in silence every morning with hopes of drawing nearer to Him. I read from my church’s Scripture Readings for the Coming Week, and, as suggested by Barbara Robbins of WriteforChrist, I pray on and study one verse in depth. I look forward to sharing my journey with you and the God whispers I hear as I sit in silence with Him.

Behold and trust. -John 6:40

I allow Him to open my eyes and to open my heart. With eyes and heart wide open, I better see His wants for me, and better focus on His glory, and not on mine. Although incredibly difficult, I acknowledge how desperately I crave recognition and glory, but am coming to see how focusing on Him centers me. I am the storm; He is my peace.

Be neither startled nor stumbled. -John 6:43

I do. Startle and stumble. I fall prey to envy, to gossip, to doubt. But I also believe that He carries my heart, and that He draws me nearer to Him because He has so much more to tell me. This is only the beginning.

Partake of His flesh and blood. -John 6:53

I do. Every week. And yet, I still falter in understanding all that it entails – to partake of His flesh and blood. I’m a work in progress. His work in progress. I’m okay with that.

Walk with Him. -John 6:66

I have. This week. Walked with Him. And have had little desire to stray. I have experienced a peace I’ve longed for my entire life – a quiet, calm confidence – and the knowledge that I’m okay. I no longer apologize for who I am. I am complete. With Him. And because of Him. I can also no longer remember walking without Him, and I’m so grateful for that.

Bear up. -Hebrews 12:8

I grow weary. I feel despondent. I fret and worry. But, I also trust that my bearing up is for His greater good. And, I believe in my heart that I am not forgotten.

Remember that He blesses. -Genesis 24:35

He provides for me things I knew not I wanted: faith, food, fellowship. He enriches me and increases my substance. He sweetens me. I believe He does so that I may live out His purpose for me; that I may further His plan.


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