In what do I choose to dwell?

In fear and anxiety?

Or in hope and peace?

A year ago, I chose fear and anxiety. I dwelled in doubt and insecurity. I dwelled in disappointment and dread. I looked forward to nothing.

Three months ago, I began dwelling in Him, and my world came to a crashing halt. My world of doubt and insecurity, of fear and anxiety, melted away.

My world was replaced by His world, and in its place grew a posture of hope and of peace. In its place blossomed a desire for goodness and kindness and love. And it is there that I dwell.

Choosing to dwell in Him gave me life everlasting.

For that, I give thanks.



8 thoughts on “Dwell

  1. Amy,
    Great Post!
    I think it simply is a part of the human experience to go through different seasons. But in Christ we always will come round again to victory, because He dwells in us first.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome declaration of victory over what the enemy meant for evil! I praise him because another one is won and sheltered by the most high! Welcome to WordPress and thanks for visiting my blog. I will be following your😀


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